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About Us

Mission Statement

Imabit Inc. is a modern company dedicated to providing superior development, design and AI solutions for the Web, Mobile and Desktop, through our commitment to maximizing the creative process, considering tomorrow’s trends and technologies, and delivering with integrity and professionalism, some of the services we provide include the following:

Software Architecture

It refers to the overall structure of the software and the ways in which that structure provides conceptual integrity for a system. A good software architecture will yield a good return on investment with respect to the desired outcome of the project, e.g. in terms of performance, quality and cost.


It is the process of elaboration. A hierarchy is developed by decomposing a macroscopic statement of function in a stepwise fashion until programming language statements are reached. In each step, one or several instructions of a given program are decomposed into more detailed instructions.

Structural Partitioning

The program structure can be divided both horizontally and vertically. Horizontal partitions define separate branches of modular hierarchy for each major program function. Vertical partitioning suggests that control and work should be distributed top down in the program structure.

Web Design and Branding

Imabit Web Design focuses on brand development and site-use sophistication. We provide the highest level of internet visibility. With a firm understanding of the client’s vision, our onsite creative web design teams fearlessly present bold and creative ideas and then bring those ideas to vivid internet life.

Web Application Development

Imabit’s web development experts inject new flow and efficiency into your daily site operation routine. As experts in complex corporate / enterprise web development and sophisticated portal site development, we build robust, flexible, scalable and effective web applications.

Internet Marketing

Imabit is your conduit to Internet marketing success. We keep the client well ahead of the competition. Providing Internet marketing services including search engine optimization, pay-per-click management, email campaign management, web publicity and banner ads. Imabit delivers the results that will increase your bottom line.


Abstraction is the process or result of generalization by reducing the information content of a concept or an observable phenomenon, typically in order to retain only information which is relevant for a particular purpose.

Control Hierarchy

A program structure that represent the organization of a program components and implies a hierarchy of control.


Software architecture is divided into components called modules.

Internet Marketing Services

  • Account Creation | MySpace, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Digg, YouTube and other Social Networks.
  • Profile Customization | Our Designers professionally customize social network profiles so you stand out.
  • Social Networking Advice | Consultation and how-to-advice for a successful campaign.
  • Social Network Advertising| Account creation and customization on site such as MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn etc.
  • MySpace Marketing | Professional MySpace design and marketing services from our well known MySpace experts.
  • Blog Creation, Marketing & Consultation | Blog marketing, blog design, Consultation on Blogging and blog commenting.
  • Social Bookmarking Campaigns | Creation of accounts on social bookmarking sites such as digg. Social Bookmarking tips & advice.
  • Viral Marketing Campaigns | email campaigns, videos, social widgets, social applications, facebook applications & more.
  • Viral Video Conception & Campaigns | We plan videos, write scripts, act in, video, edit and distribute viral videos.