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Containers in Linux

The technology landscape is rapidly evolving, and one of the most significant trends in the software development space over the last decade has been the massive adoption of Linux containers. Linux containers, a technology that facilitates the creation, deployment, and execution of applications, have revolutionized how developers and operators manage workloads in production.

What are Containers?

Containers are a form of operating system virtualization that allow running an application and its dependencies in isolated processes from the host system. Containers share the host operating system’s kernel but provide isolated user spaces. Unlike virtual machines, which include an entire operating system, containers only contain what is necessary to run a specific application, making them lighter and faster.

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Smart Automation: Simplify Your Life with Tasker

Task automation offers various advantages. Key benefits include saving time by eliminating the need to perform tasks manually, reducing errors by executing tasks precisely and consistently, and enhancing productivity by completing more in less time. Additionally, automation simplifies complex processes, frees up mental capacity by removing the need to remember and perform repetitive tasks, and provides customization and adaptability to our individual needs. Automating daily tasks allows us to optimize our efficiency, simplify our lives, and focus on more important activities.

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Technological Singularity

The Technological Singularity is a concept that has gained popularity in recent years within the fields of artificial intelligence and technology. It refers to a hypothetical point in the future at which machines will be capable of improving their own intelligence at an exponential rate, surpassing human capabilities in virtually all areas. This super-artificial intelligence could have profound and potentially dangerous implications for humanity, such as the end of human civilization, the creation of a new form of life, or even the beginning of a new evolutionary era.

The term “singularity” refers to an event where human understanding and the ability to predict the future becomes unclear due to the emergence of a new form of technology or a drastic change in society. In the case of the Technological Singularity, it involves an explosion of artificial intelligence that could drastically change the way we live, work, and think.

The concept of the Technological Singularity has been the subject of debate and speculation by scientists, philosophers, and science fiction writers for decades. Some view the Singularity as an opportunity for humanity to achieve a state of post-scarcity and prosperity, while others see it as an existential threat that could end life as we know it.

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Why You Should Buy a Synology NAS Right Now!

A Synology NAS is an incredibly versatile tool that can help you store and manage all kinds of files and data, as well as create and manage a variety of network services. If you’re looking for an efficient way to store and share your files and data, a Synology NAS could be an excellent option for you.

Firstly, one of the main advantages of a Synology NAS is its storage capacity. These devices are available in a variety of capacities, from basic models with just a few terabytes of storage to high-end models that can handle several petabytes of data. This means you can find a Synology NAS that perfectly suits your needs and budget.

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GPT-4 Model is Now Available!

A Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) model is a type of natural language model that uses artificial intelligence to generate text that sounds as if it were written by a human. In other words, it is a model that can understand and produce text in natural language.

The GPT model operates through a process called “pre-training,” where the model is fed huge amounts of text in different languages so it can learn to recognize patterns and linguistic structures in natural language. After being pre-trained, the model can be fine-tuned (trained) for specific tasks, such as answering questions or generating creative text.

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ChatGPT – Benefits and Risks

ChatGPT is an impressive tool that offers multiple benefits, but like any advanced technology, there are also some dangers that need to be considered. In this writing, I will discuss both the benefits and dangers of ChatGPT.

Starting with the benefits, ChatGPT is capable of providing an incredibly realistic conversational experience. Thanks to its advanced artificial intelligence, ChatGPT can process and understand human natural language, which means it can engage in natural and fluid conversations as if it were a real person. This is especially useful for those seeking companionship, as they can have a conversation with ChatGPT at any time of the day.

Additionally, ChatGPT can also help with a variety of tasks and questions. From answering simple questions to assisting in more complex tasks, ChatGPT can be a valuable resource for those in need of quick and reliable help. For example, if someone has an urgent question about a specific topic, ChatGPT can provide a real-time response, without the need to search the web or look through an encyclopedia.

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Installing Nvidia Drivers and CUDA 9.1 in Debian Stretch

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This post explains how to install CUDA 9.1 Production Release on a Debian Stretch system. The first thing to do is to download the driver from the official Nvidia website and select the model of the video card you have. In my case, I have a server with 2 video cards, the first is a GeForce GTX660 and the second is a GeForce GTX650. If you are not sure which version of the driver should be installed, this information can be verified in the following link.
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Doctoral Thesis Structure Proposal

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Some time ago I wanted to write this post and I didn’t had the opportunity. In general, one would like to have as much information as possible to be able to structure your thesis document in the desired way. This has not been my case, and in an attempt to make things easier for someone else in the same situation, I have decided to make this writing. Learning $\LaTeX$ to write all kinds of documents is a true delight! However, its not easy, here I intend to reflect some tips that have been useful for me to write my doctoral thesis document that eventually became a book and can be found in the following url.
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Using Google Apps Scripts

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If you like email as much as me and you use GMail as your primary email provider it is possible that you already had the same problem as I had some time ago. It turns out that in GMail it is possible to organize your email using labels that is the same analogy as organize files in folders. In my case, I have my email organized using multiple labels and using also sub labels and I’m a heavy fan of GMail filters which can automatically apply a label to a new email that arrive and put that email in specific “folder”.
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