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Matrix Operations

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Some time ago I was presented with some algorithms common problems related to matrices, today I just found some code in my Windows virtual machine and I through that maybe it was a good idea to publish it here just to keep it online.

I remember I was looking for an algorithm to print a square matrix in spiral, and I found some code in the internet as usual which used a nice approach, I had to modify it because it was in another language and I needed it to be in C#,Read More »Matrix Operations

Google Apps Scripting

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Recently, I had some problems with my google calendar. A few days ago I made a mistake while trying to import a custom calendar that I needed into my google calendar account,

The custom calendar events got imported correctly into my google calendar account but it was too late when I noticed that the calendar I imported was the wrong one, ohhh, I was shocked to discover that there is no way to undo the long list of imported events from my calendar, at least not in an intuitive way as I through it could be.Read More »Google Apps Scripting

Installing CUDA 6.5 Production Release in Debian Wheezy

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This tutorial explains how to install CUDA 6.5 Production Release in a Debian Wheezy system, the first thing we have to do is to download the graphics driver from Nvidia website and select the current model of the graphics card we have, in my case I have a server with 2 Nvidia graphic cards the first one is a Geoforce GTX660 and the second one is a Geoforce GTX650 if you’re not sure of the driver version you should install, you can check the driver version in the following hiperlink.Read More »Installing CUDA 6.5 Production Release in Debian Wheezy